Investment Crowdfunding: How We Can All Now Benefit from Alternative Investments

A Folla Capital Whitepaper 

Learn how the various securities laws that have been put in place and modified since the 1930s have created unintended consequences and how today we all have the opportunity to participate in investing in private businesses!

Why we invest

We each have different investment objectives and priorities. The limits of only considering publicly-traded investment opportunities.


Alternative investments - how the wealthy build wealth

Alternatives investments are alternatives to publicly-traded stocks and bonds. With few exceptions, only accredited investors (wealthy people) have had access to them.


How we got here

Some history: how good intentions by the Government created unintended consequences regarding the distribution of wealth.


The JOBS Act of 2012 - New alternative investment opportunities for the rest of us

How the JOBS Act and a new exempt security - Reg CF - has created new opportunities for all of us to invest in alternative investments.

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