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Young Businesswomen

It's Your Turn

Invest in the private small businesses you love and believe  make a difference in your communities.

Join the new wave of investing for everyone.

Are you tired of investing being dominated by wealthy individuals and institutions? 

Folla Capital explores the concept of democratizing investments and how alternative investments, particularly Private Placements 3.0, are providing opportunities for all of us. Private Placements 3.0 is a less restrictive crowdfunding model designed to cater to a wider range of investors (YOU). Traditionally, investing in private companies was only for accredited investors (the wealthy), but the JOBS Act of 2012 opened the doors for the rest of us to invest. Even though it's been available for over a decade, most people don't know about it. We're here to tell you what nobody else does to help bridge the wealth gap by investing in the people, ideas, and communities you care about. 


Folla Capital campaigns are a mix of startups and existing businesses.  Sign up for an account on our campaigns page to get first notification of new opportunites.

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Alternative Investments for the Rest of Us

Investor Education

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Support a business you care about.

Support businesses with a mission, product, or management team you love.

Invest instead of donate.

Potential to earn interest on funding debt, or have ownership in the company (equity).

Shape your community!

Make an impact right in your neighborhood!

Invest your money in a new way.

Pay bills, donate to charity, save...

Now, there's another way to use your money!


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