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Those who have served themselves best understand how valuable military service is. It's hard to explain unless you've been there. We get it. 

Benefits of Registration

Deploy Your Capital, Invest in/Empower your community!


  • Connect with a group of people interested in potentially investing in veteran-owned small businesses.

  • Discover unique investment opportunities led by veterans.

  • Access exclusive events and educational programs to enhance your investment knowledge.

  • Experience camaraderie in this investment community, supporting veteran businesses and sharing in their successes.

  • Join without any upfront deposits, investment commitments, or fees—consider it a mailing list!

  • Directly invest in companies you believe in, empowering your investment choices.

Veteran to Small Business Owner

Just under 2% of the United States population has had the honor of serving in the military. Those who have experienced its true value deeply appreciate the lessons it teaches. The profound understanding gained from this transformative journey instills a lifelong recognition of the significance of military leadership.

One key distinction between the military and civilian corporations is the military's exceptional investment in developing leaders. Upon transitioning out of service, many veterans find starting and growing small businesses a meaningful way to continue serving the country. However, for our veteran community to thrive in this endeavor, they need vital support, especially in securing capital.

Unfortunately, most traditional funding sources tend to overlook the valuable connection between military backgrounds and small business leadership. That’s why Valor Capital was created: a veteran-friendly community that provides opportunities to invest in fellow veteran-operated companies.

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