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Revenue-Share Agreement (RSA)

How It Works

 A Patriots RSA is a form of debt financing.  There are two components to an RSA:

1. A target multiple of the amount invested.  This typically ranges from 1.5 to 2.0 times the amount invested.

2. A percentage of revenue  is used to pay back investors. This typically ranges between 5-10% of revenue.

Investors are paid back with the revenue share amounts until they receive the target multiple on the amount invested.*

*There is no guarantee that an RSA issuer will generate sufficient revenue to provide investors with a return on their investments. RSA investments are speculative, illiquid, and could result in a loss of the entire investment.

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Support Veteran-owned businesses

Help them fund their businesses by investing in RSAs.

Diversify your RSA investments.

Invest in several different RSAs across several different businesses.

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