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Folla Capital

Helping Small Businesses Raise Capital The Modern Way

"Folla Capital has been a game-changer for my business. Their expertise and modern approach made raising capital seamless and efficient. From planning to final raise, their team provided invaluable support, helping us connect with the right investors and navigate SEC compliance with ease. I highly recommend Folla Capital to any entrepreneur looking to raise capital effectively."

- Folla Capital Issuer

Start with a 30-Minute Planning Session


Set up an initial call to determine if this is the right path for you. Our first call is a 30-minute planning session designed to assess your needs and guide you on the best route to take.

Discover the Realities and New Approaches

As an SEC-registered broker-dealer, our mission is to help your business goals come true—using modern methods that combine the vast reach of the internet with the right SEC exemption.

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Invest 90 Minutes to Transform Your Capital-Raising Strategy


Are you an existing small business owner or founder looking to raise capital? Invest just 90 minutes to learn about the modern way to secure the funds you need to grow.

Join our comprehensive workshop to understand the realities of raising capital and how new approaches can significantly improve your chances of success.

business owner raising capital

Why Choose Folla Capital?

  • Expert Guidance: Leverage our firsthand knowledge as small business owners who have successfully navigated the complexities of raising capital.

  • Modern Strategies: Learn innovative methods tailored to today’s market dynamics.

  • Full-Service Support: Skip DIY hassles and hidden fees. We provide comprehensive services and expert advice, including marketing support, to ensure a successful and smooth fundraising process.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Schedule your initial planning session today and take the first step towards a successful capital raise. Together, we’ll help you unlock the potential of your business.

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