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We invite you to register!

How It Works

Registering on our site puts you on our mailing list and gives you access to all of our investment opportunities.

Other features:

  • Receive a pro-rata share of the net operating income.

  • Receive original investment plus accrued interest at maturity. 

  • Receive the greater of pro-rata share of the selling price or accrued value if the property is sold.

  • Receive an additional baseline interest rate if the property is refinanced.

  • Option to sell back SLICE2 units via potential reverse auctions offered by the project's issuer.

*SLICE2 units are backed by real estate,  however, there is no guarantee that specific property generates a return on investors'  investments. SLICE2 investments are speculative, illiquid, and could result in a loss of the entire investment.

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Support meaningful projects.

Invest in local economic development projects led by those you support.

Invest in a SLICE of commercial real estate

Enjoy the benefits of owning commercial property without having to buy and manage the whole building.

Talk to us about raising capital with SLICE2.

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