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Beachfront Coffee

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

We are determined to become a daily necessity and space of respite for locals in the south Pittsburgh area: a place to think of as you try to escape the daily stress of life or the inertia of retirement; a comfortable space to meet your friends or make new ones; a respite to read a book or work on projects. With the demand growing for delicious coffee, great service, and pleasant third-space environments, Hilltop Coffee will capitalize on our proximity to such local demand to build a core group of repeat customers. We will offer our customers high-quality coffees complimented with various pre-packaged pastries and snacks, juices, as well as free books and board games to enjoy.

The company will operate a 580 square foot coffee bar within walking distance of 4,000 potential customers in the dense and geographically interesting neighborhoods of Arlington and the South Side Slopes. The neighbors of Hilltop Coffee range in age from schoolkids to long-term resident retirees, from college students to young professionals and tradespeople.

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